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The key to leveraging global suppliers

Addressing the challenges of leveraging global suppliers as a cost-reducing, and eventually a profit-boosting strategy. Omni SCM’s clients are finding that they need to develop a strategy for managing logistics that can support multiple service-level requirements. Omni SCM’s clients utilize our services to orchestrate the many activities, dependencies, and relationships across a global logistics network. This allows our clients to react to new and emerging opportunities in a shorter, more cost effective time horizon.

Omni is a single point of contact with broad supply chain expertise in multiple geographies with a global reach with already built scalable solutions. Omni SCM’s Chicago, IL (USA) warehouse provides value-added warehousing to align its clients desire for lean inventory and just in time supply chain management.   Omni organizes consolidation of less than container shipments to several continents to provide a cost effective solution to smaller order quantities.

  • Factory to Ship to final destination
  • Relationships with multiple container ship lines
  • Leverage Omni’s Scale for Best pricing

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