Omni SCM is the global leader in supply chain management procurement strategies.

Omni collaborates with its clients across a broad range of industries to design and implement innovative sourcing strategies to enhance their operational performance and create global competitive advantages.

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Omni’s global infrastructure demonstrates the connection between procurement strategy and the achievement of superior sourcing solutions to ensure its clients are always leading their market in supply chain procurement. We differ from traditional consulting companies whereby we do not just offer advice or whitepapers to illustrate our expertise. We actually do the work. We engage your engineers, partner with your procurement department, and communicate with your logistics department to find the best source of supply around the globe and ensure it arrives according to your requirements.

Our offices and employees are local. Omni SCM’s presence is felt across China and Southeast Asia to ensure your products are sourced in the most ethically responsible manner while providing unsurpassed quality control, coupled with pricing that allows our clients to compete and win in their market.

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Our Mission and Values

To help our clients augment their supply chain with best in class procurement strategies that result in actionable and measurable results

Our Mission

Omni SCM works with clients across a broad range of industries to deliver innovative supply chain strategies and solutions that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets.

Our Values

Omni SCM is committed to transparency. Our fees and explained upfront. They are not based on a markup of our client’s products. If Omni secures additional savings throughout our relationship, 100% of those savings are passed to our clients.


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