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Outdated supply chain, product design and strategic direction have left many companies’ operations more integrated and susceptible to external factors; ultimately leaving their products and brand at risk.

As a leading provider of procurement consulting and global sourcing services, OMNI SCM helps its clients reduce costs, enhance stakeholder value and achieve high performance by cutting operating expenses, improving capital allocations and generating new revenue streams.


OMNI’s fees are clear and negotiated upfront. They are not based on a markup of our client’s products. If OMNI secures additional savings throughout our relationship, 100% of those savings are passed to our clients. This is a significant difference between Omni and standard trading company’s practices.


Most global sourcing agents are middlemen, claiming to have a direct relationship with factories, but in reality provide little value in the supply chain, perhaps playing only matchmaker and building in a margin.


In almost every case, if a sourcing partner does not allow its client direct access to the factory, then they are only a middleman. OMNI works directly with factories and strives to eliminate factory sales agents. This additional layer represents real costs in the supply chain that OMNI, through its years of experience, can eliminate.

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We help our clients augment their supply chain with best-in-class global sourcing and procurement strategies that result in actionable and measurable results. OMNI works with clients across a broad range of industries to deliver innovative supply chain solutions that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets.

Our staff will not accept any referral fee, private markup fee or preferential treatment from vendors, including China manufacturers. OMNI works for our clients, not for the producing factory, China wholesaler or logistics vendor. We leverage our relationships around the world and our proven procurement and global sourcing methodologies and tools to frequently achieve significant savings. We are committed to helping our clients achieve high performance through supply chain mastery; we combine global sourcing industry experience and skills in supply chain planning and strategy.

OMNI’s strategy includes global sourcing and procurement, China manufacturing product design, fulfillment and service management to help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities.


We collaborate with clients to implement innovative consulting and global sourcing solutions that align operating models to support business strategies, optimize global operations, enable profitable product launches, and enhance the skills and capabilities of the global supply chain workforce.


Many companies source product from outside the country or using popular websites to identify suppliers. OMNI also uses these tools AND goes beyond. We have developed a proprietary database of 15,000 factories that we have contacted, vetted and/or visited. Popular sourcing websites can be a start, but there are several instances of false information, trading house, brokers, and middlemen promoting themselves.


OMNI uses our local staff to properly qualify the factory and our factory qualification process to ensure a viable source. We meet the owners of the factory, visit the staff and qualify the equipment to ensure it truly can supply our client’s needs. Our Staff reviews other customers of the factories to establish no conflicts of interest. Shipping practices are analyzed to ensure lead times are accurate and can be relied upon for our clients.

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