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Finding the best global sourcing solutions takes work. Cost competitive advantages are only one part of the solution. Omni’s clients need more than that. They need quality. They need reliability. They need logistics services.

Omni is one of the only companies that can truly deliver on all parts of the supply chain from engineering and product development, to mass production quality control, to logistics and final delivery.

By using Omni’s model our clients turn fixed costs into variable costs. The value proposition is easy to identify, can Omni deliver value in the final landed cost of the product beyond what it will cost our clients to do the same work with the same level of service themselves.

Omni has a virtual desk in your global sourcing department. We work together to identify your needs and leverage our global infrastructure to source the ideal manufacturing center by country, region, and specific expertise including China manufacturers. Our team works with your engineering and purchasing departments to model demand forecasting, inventory needs and logistics to ensure you have the right amount of product at the right time and the very best cost.


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