China Suppliers

Omni finds the ideal China suppliers to lower production costs and maximize margins.

  • Certify China Suppliers & Vendors
  • Reduce Costs and Increase Margins
  • Source From Asian Factories
  • Quality Control and Factory Certification
China Import

Cut Costs

With Omni SCM.

  • Cut costs and Increase Margins
  • Get the best price and highest quality
  • Eliminate middlemen markups
  • Generate new revenue streams
China Suppliers

China Suppliers

Find Asian sourcing now!

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China Supplier Partners

All of Omni China suppliers and vendors have been vetted and certified for production quality assurance.

Supply Chain Management

Omin SCM utilizes supply chain management methodologies and tools to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Total Coverage

Our extensive presence in Asia allows clients to leverage our staff to ensure their products are built to spec, on time, and to the exact quality.

Why customers choose us

Our fees are explained upfront.They are not based on a markup of our client’s products.
If Omni SCM secures additional savings throughout our China supplier relationship,
100% of those savings are passed to our clients.

Our Benefits

  • Omni SCM’s fees are clear and negotiated upfront. They are not based on a markup of our client’s products.
  • Most China supplies are middlemen, Omni SCM works directly with factories
  • Omni SCM gives your company direct access to the factory
  • We eliminate factory sales agents.