Tianjin Explosions In China Manufacturing Region

The explosions in the Tianjin, China manufacturing region are responsible for up to 114 deaths and 70 still missing. This includes 64 firefighters and six policemen. The two explosions sent blasts of fire hurdling into the sky, spewing burning collateral across a major industrial area. The explosions sent shock waves that could be seen from space and felt […]

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China Shipment Blown Up

In Tianjin, China a shipment of explosives has blown up killing at least 7 and injuring 300 in the port city. The two explosions created shockwaves that could be felt miles away. The first explosion had the force of 3 tons of TNT and the second was equal to 21 tons according to an official […]

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Omni Creates New Presence Online

Omni SCM is undergoing a major renovation, but rest assured our services are only improving! We are rolling out a new website, to be followed by a major enhancement in business automation software and workflow optimization. As global sourcing leaders, we at Omni have added a new website property to engage large scale businesses with comprehensive […]

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