How to Perform China Wholesale Purchasing

How to Perform China Wholesale Purchasing

The general understanding when purchasing product orders from China wholesalers is using a “make to order” model as opposed to an “off the shelf” model. The make to order concept is, for the most part, the accepted standard sales transaction process in Asian import factory purchasing.

The concept of make to order is one that employs a strategy of only producing and manufacturing the products upon order submission. This is opposed to the off the shelf model that involves maintaining a warehouse factory stock supply until an order is made. As well as keeping costs down it helps mitigate possible risks that may incur on the suppliers end. So when purchasing from a china wholesale company you can expect it to take 30 days or more for your order to be ready to ship.

Although there is a great deal of factory production and manufacturing in China, most of this is done for the local market. When seeking to source from China wholesalers, it is suggested that you do so with established manufacturers who are geared toward international trade.

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China wholesale complications

When importing from China into the U.S., Canada, Europe or Australia the products must meet product safety standards. The problem that is frequent in dealing with China wholesalers is that the products manufactured in China only need to meet the standard requirements of the local market.

If not properly vetted and certified, there is a very real chance of importing non-compliant products which is against the law and puts you at risk of recall. This may also open your business up to a lawsuit. Omni SCM establishes safety standards certifications and verifications for China wholesale suppliers to comply with the regulations of your country’s applicable laws.

Another problem that could arise is how liberal some China wholesalers are with the use of branded images. A wholesale company in Asia will not return products to a factory to fix a label, impression, or other copyright infringed items. It is up to the supply chain management team to guarantee quality assurance. A good supply chain management team, like Omni SCM, will help you ensure that your wholesale products do not contain these images.