Global Sourcing China

china global sourcing


When contemplating using global sourcing, China manufacturing allows for some of the cheapest production costs. This is why many companies seek Asian factory production to help ensure the highest margins. However, for businesses that are new to global sourcing, China factory procurement can be quite a difficult challenge. This is why it is beneficial to utilize the services of a supply chain management agency, like Omni SCM, in order to find the highest quality manufacturing for the lowest production costs.


A quality supply chain management company will have  a local presence throughout Asia with well established and vetted partnerships with China factories in order to avoid scam artists and low quality products.  The cultural differences and language barrier can be another challenge when global sourcing China. When conducting business in China it is also very important to develop real relationships with mutual respect and trust and properly conveying what is expected from both parties.


It is also essential if you are importing products into the United States from Asia that you have certified factory production to avoid importing products that may be deemed harmful or dangerous by U.S. standards. Failing to to do this can endanger your customers and may leave your business wide open to lawsuits.


The international logistics involved in global sourcing China products can be the difference between getting your inventory dirt cheap and paying too much just to get your products into the country. This is another reason why it is necessary to find a good supply chain management company to  keep your margins high and production costs low.

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