Global Sourcing China

china global sourcing

  When contemplating using global sourcing, China manufacturing allows for some of the cheapest production costs. This is why many companies seek Asian factory production to help ensure the highest margins. However, for businesses that are new to global sourcing, China factory procurement can be quite a difficult challenge. This is why it is beneficial […]

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How to Buy China Wholesale

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, there is always competition. It is always better for your business when you are beating your competitors. But, how do you get a leg up on your market adversaries? Different business employ many different strategies when it comes to cutting costs and increasing their margin […]

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How to Perform China Wholesale Purchasing

How to Perform China Wholesale Purchasing The general understanding when purchasing product orders from China wholesalers is using a “make to order” model as opposed to an “off the shelf” model. The make to order concept is, for the most part, the accepted standard sales transaction process in Asian import factory purchasing. The concept of make […]

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